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Unit 1, 13 Old Dairy Close, Moss Vale NSW 2577

Cawthron Institute Finfish Research Centre

CLIENT: Cawthron Institute


YEAR: 2018

Fresh By Design is proud to announce the completion of the one of the world’s largest, purpose built, Chinook Salmon research facilities for Cawthron Institute’s new Finfish Research Centre (FRC) in Nelson, New Zealand.

The FRC has 6 individual systems – four large feed trial systems and two smaller physiology systems that can be run on either freshwater or seawater. The facility was designed to conduct Chinook Salmon research from fry through to harvest size, however it can also be used for multiple fish species due to the flexibility in design.

Each of the individual systems have 8000L or 2500L litre bespoke fibreglass tanks with dual drains and swirl separators for waste collection and analysis. The water is mechanically filtered through a Faivre Drum Filter into an MBBR Bio-Filter before cascading over a degasser into a level-sensor controlled sump. Return water to the tanks is supplied via VSD-driven Waterco Pumps, Ultra Aqua UVs and FBD Oxygen Cones with FBD automatic dosing and emergency systems.

Looping off the sumps are RK2 Foam Fractionators with ClearWater Tech Ozone Generators and Oasis Heat Pumps. Supporting services for incoming water treatment system we supplied included storage tanks, Waterco Media Filters, Ultra Aqua UVs, FSI Bag Filters and Grundfos demand pumps. Low Pressure (LPSA) Oxymat Oxygen Generators were also included for onsite oxygen supply to the FRC and the existing systems.

The stocking and feeding rates designed into the systems, will allow applied research under a range of commercial, variable conditions and have significantly increased the capacity of Cawthron to carry out finfish research. This project for Fresh By Design is the culmination of many years of working with Cawthron and includes supplying a smaller existing Salmon Research system and a Scampi research system.

Other project partners included Hays and Associates, Scott’s Construction, Ecad and Boulder Bank Electrical.

Chris Blake our NZ Manager based in Nelson is providing post project support.

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