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Unit 1, 13 Old Dairy Close, Moss Vale NSW 2577

King Reef Seafoods – Barramundi Nursery RAS

CLIENT: King Reef Seafoods (Sealord)


YEAR: 2017

This project was a renovation and upgrade of a unused former nursery. The facility overhaul included a Faivre Drum Filter, MBBR, AST Bead Filter, RK2 Freshwater Fractionator and Ozone Generator, PCI VSA Oxygen Generator, Grundfos pumps and Pentair UV Sterilisers. The system is controlled and monitored using the OxyGuard Pacific, with real time monitoring and alarming of DO in every tank and also pH, ORP and Conductivity in the sump. An Aqua-life Fish Pump and Faivre Grader and Counters made up the fish handling and grading system. The system is designed for on-growing of fry to supplement existing production. It will also improve the quality and quantity of fingerlings to their existing farm, as well as ensuring continuity of supply throughout the year.

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