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Unit 1, 13 Old Dairy Close, Moss Vale NSW 2577

CLIENT: NSW Department of Primary Industries


YEAR: 2023

We are thrilled to be working with the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Patterson Building Group to install brand new recirculating aquaculture systems at the Gaden Trout Hatchery near Jindabyne, NSW. These systems will be used for breeding and rearing of trout species for stocking into local alpine river systems to support the local recreational fishing industry in the area.

The three systems to be installed will each consist of:

  • 4 x 4000L square fiberglass tanks,
  • A 22,000L in-ground concrete sump containing 2.2 m3 of C1 biomedia,
  • A Faivre 40-series drum filter with 63 µm screens, drum filter control box, and Grundfos rinsing pump,
  • UV sterilisation via an UltraAqua MR1-220PP with UV controls and UV sensor,
  • Waterco E600 AFM polishing filter on a loop using a Waterco Hyrdrostorm Eco-V 100,
  • A Waterco Turboflo 200 supplying water on a loop to 2 x Oasis i-19 heater-chillers ,
  • Pentair Sparus pump with constant flow technology returning filtered water to the tanks,
  • OxyGuard Pacific system monitoring temperature, dissolved oxygen, and pH.