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Petuna – Salmonid Feed Trial Facility

CLIENT: Petuna

LOCATION: Cressy, Tasmania

YEAR: 2022

Fresh By Design is proud to announce the completion of a salmonid feed trial facility for Petuna Aquaculture located at their Cressy Hatchery in Tasmania.

This facility is an exciting collaboration between Petuna Aquaculture, BioMar, and Skretting that will be used to trial salmonid diets using the same water, fish, and staff that Petuna use in their commercial runs enabling real world testing. This represents an exciting opportunity for the billion-dollar Tasmanian Aquaculture industry to have further refinement of commercial diets tailored to local conditions and practices.

The facility includes the ability to run 18 x 1000L tanks on flow through. Each tank features an automatic Arvo-Tec feeder with individual dosing control via the Wolf Controller or PC.

In addition, each tank has air diffusers for normal conditions with an emergency oxygen dosing system that will supply oxygen to each tank in the event of a low DO reading or power failure.

The system is monitored and controlled via an OxyGuard Pacific unit (supplied by Technolab) measuring parameters including Dissolved Oxygen, temperature, and sump water level.

Water exiting the facility is returned to Petuna’s larger recirculation system where the water is filtered then reused. Water return is managed using an automated a set and forget system that self-adjusts to changing water flow rates using a IFM Ultrasonic Level Sensor, Grundfos Variable Frequency Drive, and WaterCo pump.

Fresh By Design installed and commissioned the system with assistance from Petuna’s staff and Technolab.

The system included

  • 18 x 1000L Polymaster Poly Tanks with Level Control Boxes
  • Waterco Hydrostar 4HP Pump with Grundfos Variable Frequency Drive
  • Air Blower and Air diffusers for each tank
  • Emergency Oxygen System inc Oxy Diffuser in each tank and Control manifold for O2 injection on low DO or Power failure.
  • OxyGuard Monitoring System inc DO/Temp sensor in every tank and control for the Emergency Oxygen Manifold
  • Arvo-Tec Feeding System inc WOLF Controller, 1 x Feeder per tank, with 9L (6.3kg) Hopper.

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