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Unit 1, 13 Old Dairy Close, Moss Vale NSW 2577

CLIENT: Taronga Zoo, Sydney


YEAR: 2023

We are proud to announce the successful installation of a Platypus Refuge System for Taronga Zoo Sydney.
This custom designed system provides a safe and secure environment for 12 adult Platypus, with a focus on their comfort and well-being.
This project consisted of 6 x independent systems including 2 x Platypus Tanks each and a Life Support System (LSS). The tanks have the option to run at a lower water level if required for unwell animals and the water tanks are linked to a rest box and earth bank via tunnels, allowing the Platypuses to move around in a more natural environment.
Each Life Support System (LSS) has been designed to provide efficient filtration and precise temperature control to maintain a healthy environment for the Platypus. Water from the tanks flows into a FBD Filter Sump integrating primary mechanical and biological filtration. Water is then passed through a heat pump in a loop also integrating fine solids removal via a media filter. Return water is pumped via ultraviolet sterilization back to the tanks.
The Platypus Refuge System includes a range of high-quality system components, including:
Duraplas Midcoast: Water Tanks Custom 10,500L water tanks with level control boxes, tapered bottom and base
• Custom-built FBD Filter Sump with Bag Filters and MBBR Bio Filter
Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Pentair 150W UV Sterilizers
• Oasis X19 heater/chiller units for heating and cooling
Waterco Media Filters and Recirculating Pumps
Dryden Aqua AFM Glass Media
• FRP mount system for a small plant footprint
• Kamair Air Pumps
• Waterequip Pty Ltd carbon filtration system
We are grateful to the Taronga Zoo Conservation Society for entrusting us with this unique and important project.